Complete communications strategy, speeches, scripts, PR, start to finish.

Communications Strategy 

We write everything. A plan, media advisory, press release, invitations, scripts, agenda, talking points, blogging, photo captions,  testimony & Flickr pages.

Blogging, Ghostwriting, Reporting, Web Content 

Articles, Research, Blogging

Research, Analytics

Social Media to Genealogy,Fact Finding. 

Areas of expertise


We partner with experts in fields as needed to accomplish our clients' objectives, and are always looking to share capabilities with fellow agencies, consulting firms, and providers of signage, social media platforms, creative marketing, video, photography, novelty items, and specialty and full service agencies.  

We can bill by the job, with a retainer, on contract with incentives for a long term vendor relationship.  We happy engage as a subcontractor, vendors or Independent contractor.  We prefer to be a secondary firm to a larger agency, as niche marketers and event planners.  In fact, many of our clients provide us email addresses and introduce us as meetings as though we were their employees.  We are happy to operate behind the scenes.

We prefer to have our clients get seen and get publicity. We prefer to remain stealth, and be behind the camera. 

We communicate on your behalf.

We help to increase your ROI or return on investment with early stage community relations & strategically timed public relations, charity donations, facility tours and special events.   We build our clients' customer bases while they are busy building their new buildings or launching new lines of business.  We are former lobbyists and journalists, and experts with years of experience in marketing, advertising, corporate branding, retail marketing, chain management, direct mail, photography, video, social media and web content management and design. 

Company Profile    

Complete event planning & execution;  web content management; ghostwriting; blogging; corporate communications;  product and corporate photography, videography and production; LEED messaging; managing corporate sustainabilty programs and PR for charitable recipients;  community outreach; professional research for online reputation & for genealogy events; VIP & Media Relations.

Groundbreakings & Grand OPenings 

Each year, we personally phone, visit and invite thousands of elected and appointed government officials, local schools, business and residential neighbors and construction team members, to our clients' events.

 ​Brainstorming, Strategic communications 

We act as your agent, brainstorming about what needs to be done, who best to do it, how we can help relieve our client's burden since most clients are in a growth mode.  Those either building a business, launching a start up, or rebranding, all of which takes their eyes off the web, off sales, and off marketing, so while they are building, we are marketing. 


We reach out on your behalf, to keep everyone in projects and P3 (Public Private Partnerships) informed, on schedule and happily in touch with plans and schedules.